Flatbush Food Court is a pop-up food event in our backyard. 

We feature one local food vendor each day. The cuisine is diverse and always fun and fresh. 


Mondays (6 - 10:30 PM): The Loving Bite (high-brow pub grub)

Tuesdays (6 - 10:30 PM): El Super (Tacos & Tamales)

Wednesdays (6 - 10:30 PM): El Super (Tacos & Tamales)

Thursdays (6 - 10:30 PM): King's Kolache (Texas-style Czech stuffed buns)

Fridays (6 - 11:30 PM):  Burma Noodle Bar (for the month of January!)

Saturday Nights (6 - 11:30 PM): TriniPastelles (stuffed cornmeal pies)


Kulushkat (Middle Eastern) - 1st & 3rd from 2 PM to 8 PM
Ejen (Korean Comfort Food) - 2nd & 4th from 2 PM to 8 PM

If you are a vendor who is interested in setting up shop at Sycamore please email sycevents@gmail.com.

Past & Future Vendors include:
Queen Cobra Thai
El Jefe Nacheria
Star Wurst
Gaddy Lane
Barry's Tempeh
Blue Light Speak Cheesy
Johnny Lupiani's Awesome BBQ
Delaney BBQ
La Chiflada
Da Beef Stand
Burma Noodle Bar
Arborio King
Ono Banh Mi
Mr. Cutters
Jack's Ched Bred
Bunna Ethiopian
Clean Plate Co.
Charli's Fried Chicken
Brooklyn Oyster Party