Eat & Shop Cortelyou
Apr 1

Eat & Shop Cortelyou

Cortelyou businesses be bustin out their best selves alllll week long!

We're talking DEALS we're talking DISCOUNTS so it is time to SPLURGE on your fave local businesses.

We'll be offering our Nip n Sip (whiskey-of-the-week + craft beer) for $6 instead of $10 (woah Nelly what a deal!)


Moderately Difficult Trivia
Apr 17

Moderately Difficult Trivia

ARE YOU SMART? Here's your chance to prove it.

Five rounds of trivia that'll make your brain kick into overdrive (moderately).

Every Monday in The Lodge from 8 PM to ~9:30 PM. Get here early to get a seat and get settled.

Winners get drinks! So it's totally worth it.  Mega-prizes for season winners!

Teams & individuals welcome. 

Hosted by Jesse B.

Food from The Loving Bite (upscale pub grub!)

Apr 7


Ditmas Park's Only Queer Party!

The first Thursday of every month.

Queer Bingo at 8 PM
DJ Gogo Gadget spins at 10 PM
Live performances up on our bar by Zalika Parsons & Catrina Lovelace

Past performers include: Whendy Waxwood, Ari Kiki The Hot Mess, Ritzy Bitz, Ragamuffin, Rify Royalty, Erika Klash (& Kevin Klash), Leatherette, Lola Michele-Kiki, Catrina LoveLace, Juicy Liu, Charlene, Sasha Pierce Davenport, Nikki Diamond, Satine S'Allumer, Puss N Boots, Handsome Peter, Zalika Parsons, Heidi Haux, Ivy Ferriya, Crimson Kitty, Markymark, Happy Van Deusen, Ariel Italic and more!

Drop The Mike
8:00 pm20:00

Drop The Mike

Our monthly all-female stand-up show...featuring one token male.

The second Wednesday of every month!

Free show!

Hosted by Kendra Cunningham

Featuring: Calvin Cato (Gotham Live), Myka Fox (Shame On Podcast), Katina Corrao (Comedy Central), Nicky Sunshine (Women in Comedy Fest)

Past performers include: Stacey Kendro (Ladies of Laughter Festival Winner), Mike Recine (Conan), Erica Spera (Gotham Live), Shalewa Sharpe (Eugene Mirman Comedy Fest)Carolyn Castiglia (Comedy Central), Wanjiko Eke (Cinder Block Comedy Festival), Tess Tabak (Broadway Comedy Club), Derek Humphrey (New South Comedy Festival), Maria Wojciechowski (SEESO), Emma Willmann (Colbert), Liz Miele (Gotham Live), Aminah Imani (NBC), Danny Cohen (Comedy Central), Whimsy Rogers, Julia Johns, Katie Compa, Vicky Kuperman, Max Cohen, Becky Yamamoto, Mindy Raf, George Gordan, Meghan Hanley, Lynn Bixenspan, Megan Dunlop, Danny Cohen, Selena Coppock, Giulia Rozzi, Rena Zager, Sharron Paul, Negin Farsad, Liz Barret, Leah Bonnema, Ayanna Dookie, Drew Dowdey, Katherine Williams, Mark Walton, Becky Yamamoto, Aparna Nancherla, Lakendra Tookes, Racheal Parenta, Khalid Rahmaan, Dava Krausse, Ophira Eisenberg, Sarah Tollemache, Anna Drezen, Myka Fox, Frank Liotti, Claudia Cogan, Rae Sanni, Lauren Maul, Margaret Dodge, Katie Hannigan, Andy Fiori, Kate Hendricks, Sydnee Washington, Kerryn Feehan, Chloe Hilliard, Amber Nelson, Stacey Kendro, Matt Wayne, Justy Dodge, Marie Faustin, Doug Smith, Ashlee Voorsanger, Lillian DeVane, Vicky Kuperman, Gabe Morales, Eman Ek Husseini, Selena Coppock, Leah Bonnema

Ditmas Lit
8:00 pm20:00

Ditmas Lit

Ditmas Park's premiere literary party!

Poets, writers & storytellers come together at this monthly event held in The Lodge on the third Tuesday of every month.

Hosted by Rachel Lyons & Sarah Bridgins

Food by El Super

Pisces Party
Mar 14

Pisces Party

Our monthly star sign party!

The chosen ones get happy hour prices all night long. 

Tarot reading in the flowershop from 8 to midnight & palm-reading + rune-stone reading in the back.

Flower crown to pass around and take pictures!

Barrel-Aged Beer-A-Thon
Mar 19

Barrel-Aged Beer-A-Thon


We're talking big, bold, oaky, coppery, chocolatey, tobaccoey, thick, juicy beers!

We're going to have a TON and rotating the shit out of them.

Git on up in this gig! Details to follow soon.


Crooked Stave Surette
Saison / Aged in Oak / 6.2%
12oz - $8

Founders Frootwood
Cherry Ale / Aged in Bourbon & Maple Syrup Barrels / 8%
10oz - $9

Gun Hill Kentucky Common
Sour Ale / Aged in Bourbon Barrels / 6.2%
12oz - $8 

Wulver Wee Heavy
Scotch Ale / Aged in Bourbon Barrels / 12%
10oz - $9

Central Waters BB Stout
Imperial Stout / Aged in Bourbon Barrels / 9.5% 
10oz - $8

Grimm Cuvee #1
Flemish Red / A Blend of Barrel Aged Vintages / 6.5%
10oz - $9

Grimm Cuvee #2
Sour Ale / Aged in Oak Bitters Barrels / 5.5% 
12oz - $9

Bruery Melange #14
Strong Ale / Blend of Barrel Aged Vintages / 13.5% 
10oz - $10

Bruery Terreux Sour in the Rye
Sour Rye Ale / Aged in Oak / 7.8%
12oz - $8

Gold Coast California Oak Mead
Mead / Aged in Oak / 10.5%
10oz - $10 

Threes Wandering Bine
Saison / Foudre Fermented / 6.5% 
12oz - $7

Goose Island Bourbon County 2015
Imperial Stout / Aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels / 14.5% 
10oz - $12

Grimm Skyspace
Dry Hopped Sour Ale Brewed with Raspberries / Conditioned on Oak / 5%
12oz - $8 

Oxbow Infinite Darkness
Belgian Imperial Stout / Stainless Aged / 10% 
10oz - $9

Peekskill LemPBeek
Lambic (Sour) / Barrel Aged 4 yrs. / 6.5%
12oz - $8



Bells Black Note
Imperial Stout / Aged in Oak / 11.4% 
12oz - $11

Other Half In Absentia Luci
Imperial Stout / Aged in Oak / 12%
12oz - $10

Bad Seed Bourbon Barrel Reserve Cider
Cider / Aged in Bourbon Oak / 6.4%
750ml - $16